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HP Fax 1010 Series - Printing Reports

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Post time: 7-11-2007 03:24 PM
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Automatic reports
The following reports print automatically. Some on-demand reports can also be set to print automatically (see the "Optional automatic reports" section below.)
  • Multi-communication - This report prints automatically after faxing a document to more than one location using Broadcasting.
  • Power Fail - If a fax job is scheduled and there is a power failure, this report prints automatically when the power is restored.
On-demand reports
The following report can be printed as needed. Some of these reports can also be set to print automatically.
  1. Press Report/Help .
  2. Scroll through the available reports using one of the following methods:
    • Press Report/Help repeatedly until the desired report displays.
    • Press the Right Arrow or Left Arrow until the desired report displays.
  3. Press Start/Enter when the desired report displays.
  4. The selected report will print.
    Refer to the table below for a description of the available reports.
    Report name Content
    Help List This report covers the basic functions and commands of the fax. It can also be used as a quick reference guide.
    Sent Journal

    Received Journal
    These reports show information concerning the transmission and reception activities. They can be printed on demand or set to print automatically after every 40 faxing transactions.
    Phone book This report lists all the numbers currently stored in the fax memory as One-Touch Dial and Speed Dial
    Sending Confirm This report lists the fax number, number of pages, elapsed time of operation, communication mode, and the communication results. This report can be printed on demand or set to print automatically.
    Schedule Inform This report shows the document, phone number, and starting time currently stored for Delayed Fax and Send Polling .
    System Data This report lists the current settings of the HP Fax. Print this report for verification after changing settings.
    Caller ID This report lists the most recent 30 callers who have called the machine.
    Junk Fax This report lists the telephone numbers that are marked as a junk fax to be blocked.
    Print Fax Fax data is stored into memory as the memory is available. This report reprints these faxes.
Optional automatic reports
Some on-demand reports can be set to print automatically through the SET UP SYSTEM menu option. Follow the steps below:
  1. Press Menu .
  2. Scroll through the menu options using one of the methods listed below until SET UP SYSTEM displays:
    • Press Menu repeatedly until SET UP SYSTEM displays.
    • Press the right arrow until SET UP SYSTEM displays.
  3. Press Start/Enter .
  4. Press the Right Arrow until the desired report option displays (see the table below for available reports and settings).
  5. Press Start/Enter .
  6. Press the Right Arrow until the desired setting option displays.
  7. Press Start/Enter .
Report Available settings
Sending Confirm
  • ON - print a confirmation report automatically each time a fax is sent.
  • OFF - never print a confirmation report.
  • ERROR - print a report only when an error occurs.
Auto Journal Turn this setting ON to automatically print a journal report after every 40 fax transactions.
Image TCR Turn this setting ON to place a miniature copy of the first page of a fax on the Sending Confirm report.

Use magic Report

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