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Netbook or Notebooks , a choice

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Post time: 21-10-2009 03:57 PM
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It has been a while since I last write articles about computers. This is a good times to share something.


When you are going to a computer shop,  many may realised there are many small, attractive mini computer that call "NET BOOK" displaynig almost everywhere, with attractive design and colour choices.  You may not notice much different of netbook since it also have Processor, RAM , Hard disk , Familiar operating system, webcam , and at least an 8.9" screen to 11" display.


Netbook, basically a newer trend replacing what we so called, sub note many years back. Typical subnotebook , are relatively much much smaller, capable of PDA functions and limited compatibility and program choice compare to a full size computer.


Netbook, somehow are different in the sense that, it will normally come with Linux or lower operating system like Win XP Home, Vista Home and soon , Win 7 home platforms.  Netbook capable of installing major office productivity program like MS Office, Outlook, Skype , MSN etc which allow you to work remotely and communicate even facebook. The must have built in webcam is another fancy feature for people to video conferencing.  However , to take note of the processor - normally using Intel Atom, are not as powerful compare to those in notebook - Core Duo, Core 2 Duo and soon i7.  Netbook are basically not design for extreme multimedia or gaming.  Simple movie, video watching may work fine depends on the hard disk capacity (from 8/16GB Solid state to some 250GB hard disk ) and the RAM which usually not more than 2GB.


Netbook are normally equipped with bluetooth / WIFI ,where you can just hook on to any free hotspot and get connected.


The ideals usage of the netbook, are documentation , spreadsheets, presentation, Media storage (bring arond to store your camera photos , video ) , communication (skype,facebook,msn and etc)


Optical drive (CD / DVD Reader or writer ) are normally available as an option to purchase separately


For presentation , please make sure you get one with at least VGA connector.


Range of price are ranging from RM1399 to RM2599 (premium models)


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